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Link's Quest For Ass Link's Quest For Ass

Rated 0 / 5 stars

in response to what you said to mkeycrash

"mkeycrash" is not immature, he is entitled to his opinion, and if he didn't like your movie, he has the right to express it anyway he wants to. I actually happen to agree with him. What makes you immature is the tasteless humor you have in your dumb movie. Especially the scenes with the old man, in which you don't say but IMPLY that becuase he is gay and old, he is gross and nasty. He likes gay sex, so he is a vile creature. So, you end up saying "haha, laugh at him BECAUSE he is gay". I have 2 gay friends, i showed them this movie, and they were offended as hell. They said exactly what mkeycrash said. They also pointed out that you sure do have alot of penis jokes too. Are you a closet homosexual? It wouldnt surprise me. Just accept the fact that your movie is offensive and lame, and move on. Stop pathetically trying to defend yourself, it makes you look like more of a loser.

P.S- youre right, youre probably 16

xritualfaminex responds:

interesting... i bet you're creaming in anticipation for my response... well, here goes:

mr.mkeycrash implied that i was a homophobe, immature, and a 15 year old, i didnt purposely go out of the way to insult him but he saw it fit to do that with me, because he didnt like my movie. So i responded in my defense. How that makes me the immature one is beyond me. Sure, all of you are entitled to your opinion, but when insults come flying they will be addressed. I have the same right as anyone else to give my opinion about your opinion.

Fact and Opinion -- a concept you don't seem to grasp, let me illustrate.

"the old man is old and gay" = fact
"he is gross and nasty" = opinion
"he likes gay sex" = fact
"he is a vile creature" (because of that) = opinion (and a rather closed-minded one at that, your two freinds, they must be "vile creatures" as well then, eh?)
i never said "haha, laugh at him because he's gay", people choose to laugh at whatever they wish. I'm sorry i offended you and your gay freinds, but i'm not out here to make pen-pal buddies. I find it funny that you defend homosexuality so much and then ask me if i'm a closet homosexual IMPLYING that it would be a bad thing. I "accept" the fact that my movie would offend some people, that's too bad I guess. With every review like this, i get 10-15 emails praising my work. So continue to call me a loser even though you don't know me personally.

your PS was stupid, come to think of it.. your whole review was stupid as well. good night. =)

ParticleMan ParticleMan

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Very cute, funny, interesting...hey, i loved the song! Great job. Person man was so cool!

-forrest gump- -forrest gump-

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


Crappy drawings and animation with no style can really bring a movie down, and this movie is a prime example of that. Oh, and contrary to what the last guy said... it isnt really that brilliant at all and it actually deserves a 1.

Amish Postman Amish Postman

Rated 4 / 5 stars

pretty good

Pretty good, but animation needs to be a little better. All in all, nice job.